People try to flee Jabalya in northern Gaza as Israel battles Hamas

People try to flee Jabalya in northern Gaza as Israel battles Hamas

Heavy attacks and shelling continued in most of the Jabalya refugee camp in northern Gaza after Israeli forces began a ground operation there on Saturday.

Videos from the area uploaded Sunday and Monday showed civilians streaming out of the area against a backdrop of continuous drone flights, automatic gunfire and explosions. Panicked families carrying whatever they could were seen leaving the UN school in the refugee camp amid massive explosions.

In one video showing the roof of Jabalya, loud gunfire continued.

Communications from most of Gaza have been sporadic in recent days. But CNN footage from Jabalya recorded early Monday showed terrified and exhausted families trying to leave the area. It looks like a child carrying another child. Some are also pushed in wheelchairs.

A child said there was an Israeli tank behind the school. “They come for us, we go to other schools.”

An unidentified man also said that tanks were close to schools, where thousands had taken shelter.

“They bombed the area and shot everyone at random. The people ran away, they are in the school, hope they are safe. Where are they going now?”
Fares Afarna, director of the ambulance service in northern Gaza, told the Al Jazeera network on Monday that “ambulances are having difficulty moving the dead and wounded in the north.”

He claimed that “more than once our ambulances have been targeted by Israeli occupation forces…”

Afarna said since the Israeli operation began on Saturday, ambulance crews had evacuated more than 50 wounded people and 20 bodies. He told Al Jazeera that only two hospitals (Kamal Adwan and Al-Awada) were operating “and that’s where we transferred the dead and wounded to and from the various medical facilities in the area.”

CNN is contacting the Israeli military to respond to claims that ambulances were targeted.

“Following a call to the civilian population to temporarily move from the Jabalya area to shelters west of Gaza City, IDF forces began an overnight operation based on intelligence information about Hamas’ attempts to re-install terrorist and operative infrastructure in the area,” the army. said.

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