OpenAI disables “Sky”: A ChatGPT Voice that resembles Scarlett Johansson

OpenAI disables “Sky”: A ChatGPT Voice that resembles Scarlett Johansson

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, announced that it is discontinuing the use of one of its popular AI voices following observations from users about a striking resemblance to the voice of actress Scarlett Johansson.

The company introduced a “voice mode” feature in 2023, allowing users to interact with ChatGPT, a widely used “generative” AI software, through speech.

The feature also works as a text-to-speech tool, offering responses in five different voice options.

Although OpenAI clarified that the voice, named Sky, did not belong to Scarlett Johansson, the company announced a pause in its use to address user queries about the voice selection and sampling process for ChatGPT.

“We are working to stop using Sky while we deal with this,” the company said on X (formerly Twitter).

In a blog post on Sunday night, OpenAI explained its process for creating the various voices, reiterating that Sky’s voice is not Scarlett Johansson’s.

“We believe that AI voices should not intentionally imitate celebrities’ own voices — Sky’s voice is not an imitation of Scarlett Johansson but belongs to a different professional actress using her own speaking voice. To protect their privacy, we cannot share the names of our voice talents,” the company said in a blog post.

Scarlett Johansson revealed that OpenAI had approached her in the past to use her voice for their AI, but she declined for personal reasons. He was later surprised to find that the voice of “Sky” in ChatGPT 4.0 resembled his own.

This discovery prompted him to take legal action, seeking transparency and protection of individual rights and equality. This has led to speculation whether the removal of the voice was initiated by a lawsuit.

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