OpenAI announces new security board after worker revolt

OpenAI announces new security board after worker revolt

OpenAI said on Tuesday it had established a new committee to make recommendations to the company’s board about safety and security, weeks after disbanding a team focused on AI security.

In a blog post, OpenAI said the new committee will be led by CEO Sam Altman as well as Bret Taylor, the company’s board chairman, and board member Nicole Seligman.

The announcement follows the high-profile exit this month of a security-focused OpenAI executive, Jan Leike. Leike’s resignation from OpenAI leveled criticism that the company was underinvesting in AI security work and that tensions with OpenAI’s leadership had “reached a breaking point.”

It also follows the departure of Ilya Sutskever, another leader of the so-called “super alignment” OpenAI team focused on ensuring AI development meets human needs and preferences. Sutskever played a key role in Altman’s surprise ouster as CEO last year, only to reverse course and later lend his support to Altman’s return.

Earlier this month, an OpenAI spokesperson told CNN that dismantling the superalignment team and reassigning those employees across the company will help it better achieve its superalignment goals.

In its blog post Tuesday, OpenAI also said it has begun training a new AI model to succeed the one currently generating ChatGPT. The company says the new AI model that replaces GPT-4 will be another step towards artificial general intelligence.

“While we are proud to build and manufacture models that lead the industry in both capability and safety, we welcome robust debate at this important moment,” the company said.

“The Safety and Security Committee’s first task is to evaluate and further develop OpenAI’s processes and safeguards over the next 90 days,” the blog post added. “At the end of those 90 days, the Safety and Security Committee will share their recommendations with the full Board of Directors. Following a full Board review, OpenAI will publicly share updates on adopted recommendations in a manner consistent with safety and security.”

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