Nikki Glaser had a career week. It’s not over yet

Nikki Glaser had a career week. It’s not over yet

Comedian Nikki Glaser kicked off the week with her unforgettable performance roasting Tom Brady on Netflix and will wrap it up with the debut of her new stand-up special for HBO.

His sharp quips about the former NFL quarterback earned him thousands of new followers on Instagram and a hilarious appearance on ESPN’s “The Pat McAfee Show.”

Glaser, however, took it all in stride. He’s been doing standup long enough to know the ups and downs of the entertainment industry.

“I never feel like when are people going to get it? I’m not one of them. I always feel like I get what I deserve. I’m not someone who’s been waiting for this my whole life,” Glaser told CNN in an interview this week. “I mean, of course it’s a goal to be loved on a scale like this, but it’s also scary because when it comes so fast like this, you know, this kind of passion for someone lasts for a while but can go away pretty quickly.”

Glaser said he knew Brady’s “Greatest Roast of All Time” would land with viewers.

“I knew it was a home run and I knew that the event would be special because it was live,” he said. “I’m hoping it will be number one on Netflix and there will be a viral moment, but I don’t think I’ll be a big part of all that discussion.”

As the roast drew to a close, Glaser threw his Brady joke up to four sets a night in Los Angeles, “jumping from club to club.”

“Working with a team of writers, we’ll work during the day and then we’ll write between shows and treat it like I’m hosting an awards show,” he said. “The way I would do it if I was asked to host the Oscars, like that’s a big deal. So, I take it seriously.”

Glaser is also taking his preparations seriously for his new special, “Someday You’ll Die.” In it, she covers substantive topics like having children, body image and death, but promises old and new fans will get plenty of laughs, too.

“It’s just looking at my life now because I’m approaching 40 and all my friends have kids and start families, get married. I don’t really have any of that,” he said. “[The special explores] how I suffer with depression, despite the fact that my life is great, my fear of death, my longing for it sometimes, [with] really tough humor in between.”

Glaser described his new work as an “honest, raw, very tight comedy,” two years in the making.

“Someday You’ll Die” debuts May 11 on Max, which like CNN is part of Warner Bros. Discovery.

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