Netanyahu denies he is starving civilians in Gaza as a method of war

Netanyahu denies he is starving civilians in Gaza as a method of war

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has denied claims that he is starving Palestinians in Gaza as a method of war, saying an arrest warrant application under review at the International Criminal Court (ICC) is based on a “pack of lies”.

Charges against Netanyahu include “causing destruction, causing starvation as a method of warfare, including denial of humanitarian aid supplies, deliberately targeting civilians in conflict,” according to ICC prosecutor Karim Khan.

With hostages still believed to be being held in Gaza, pressure has mounted for a deal that would see the hostages released in exchange for a ceasefire.

But when asked about public polls showing that a majority of Israelis believe freeing the hostages is a higher priority than military action, Netanyahu said you can’t have one without the other.

“The military action that we’re taking against Hamas is actually a way to get these hostages because without military pressure, basically, without, you know, pressuring them, Hamas is not going to give up anything,” he told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Tuesday.
Netanyahu is deeply unpopular in Israel, where he also faces an ongoing corruption trial. Critics have accused the prime minister of being beholden to his right-wing coalition and prolonging the war to maintain his grip on power.

Speaking to Tapper, Netanyahu likened himself to US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, claiming the arrest warrant was like putting Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in a cage with America’s wartime president who oversaw US mobilization during World War II.

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