Morning in Gaza. This is the latest

Morning in Gaza. This is the latest

Israel is fighting Hamas throughout Gaza, including in the Jabalya refugee camp in the north.

Israel, which previously said it controlled Jabalya, said it was trying to prevent Hamas from regrouping there. Video captured heavy gunfire, Israeli tanks and the sound of drones in the area on Sunday.

The Israeli military said it was continuing “precise operations” east of Rafah and near the Rafah crossing, ahead of a planned full-scale invasion. US officials have repeatedly warned against the move, citing the risk of widespread civilian casualties.

The death toll in the enclave since October 7 has surpassed 35,000, the Gaza Health Ministry said.

Here are the latest developments:

US Warning: “Going to Rafah” could have dire consequences, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned Sunday. “Israel is on a trajectory, potentially, to inherit an insurgency with a lot of armed Hamas left behind, or, if it leaves, a vacuum filled by chaos, filled by anarchy and possibly filled again by Hamas,” he said. Top US officials, including Blinken, again expressed their concerns about Rafah in a call with their Israeli counterparts on Sunday.
More evacuations in Rafah: The Israeli army on Saturday ordered the immediate evacuation of several more neighborhoods in Rafah, where it has stepped up operations ahead of an expected ground offensive. About 300,000 people have left Gaza city in the south.
Food running out: There are growing concerns about the humanitarian situation in Rafah, with the UN saying its agency may run out of food aid in southern Gaza. “The World Food Program and UNRWA will run out of food to distribute in the south tomorrow,” the head of the UN humanitarian agency (OCHA) in Gaza said in a video recorded on Friday. As of Monday morning, the situation is still unclear.
New aid crossing: The Israeli army announced the opening of a new humanitarian aid crossing into Gaza in coordination with the US. It said the West Erez crossing was part of an effort “to improve aid routes to the Gaza Strip, and to the north of the Gaza Strip in particular.”
Thousands of bodies trapped: About 10,000 bodies are trapped under the rubble of destroyed buildings in Gaza, the enclave’s Civil Defense estimates. Forty days after the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the vicinity of the Al-Shifa medical complex, “Civil Defense and medical personnel are still retrieving bodies buried by Israeli occupation forces in mass graves,” spokesman Mahmoud Bassal said.
IDF chief’s confession: Israel’s military chief of staff Herzi Halevi said he bears “responsibility for the IDF’s failure to defend our civilians on October 7.” Halevi added: “I carry its weight on my shoulders every day, and in my heart, I fully understand its importance.”

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