Morning in Gaza. This is the latest

Morning in Gaza. This is the latest

US President Joe Biden slammed the International Criminal Court’s efforts to obtain arrest warrants on war crimes charges for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his defense minister and three Hamas leaders.

“It is clear that Israel wants to do everything it can to ensure civilian protection. Let me be clear, what happened was not genocide,” Biden said.
Republican leaders of the US House are looking at sanctions in response to the ICC’s move.

ICC prosecutor Karim Khan dismissed accusations by Israel and some of its allies that question its independence, saying the request “is not a witch hunt, this is not some kind of emotional reaction to noise. This is a forensic process.”

France broke away from its Western allies – including the US, the UK and Italy – to express support for the ICC.

Here are the latest developments in the region:

Iran Elections: Iran’s presidential election will take place on June 28 following the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his foreign minister in a helicopter crash. Raisi’s death further destabilizes the Middle East — where the war in Gaza has brought a decades-long shadow war between Israel and Iran into the open.
40% in Gaza displaced: More than 900,000 people, or about 40% of Gaza’s population, have been displaced in the past two weeks as Israeli bombardment continues across large parts of the territory, the United Nations said.
Aid corridor: Nearly 570 metric tons of humanitarian aid have been delivered across temporary jetties to Gaza so far, according to the US military. The jetty anchored off the coast of Gaza last week to funnel aid from various countries into the area, with most border crossings closed and a devastating humanitarian disaster unfolding inside.

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