Jordan calls on all parties to de-escalate after Iran’s attack on Israel

Jordan calls on all parties to de-escalate after Iran’s attack on Israel

Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said that Amman does not want a spillover conflict in the Middle East after Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel.

He stressed that all parties to the conflict should focus on the rights of Palestinians in Gaza and the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Iran’s ambassador in Amman was summoned on Sunday after Jordan intercepted Iranian drones over its airspace.

Safadi said his response would be the same whether the threat had originated from Iran, Israel or any other country.

“Our longstanding policy, whatever objects that go into our skies, violates our airspace that we believe pose a danger to Jordan, we will do whatever it means to end that threat,” Safadi told CNN’s Becky Anderson.
When asked whether Iran warned Jordan before the attack, Safadi said “it was no secret to everybody” that the Iranian retaliation was “imminent.”

“We don’t want conflict with Iran. We don’t want conflict with the whole region,” Safadi said.
Iran’s attack has heightened regional tensions, with Safadi noting that the continuation of the conflict in Gaza and the West Bank could lead to further destabilization.

Safadi said that when the war in Gaza ends, parties can “work on a two-state solution that would fulfill the legitimate rights of the Palestinians to freedom and statehood.”

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