Joint efforts are urged to lift Pak-Afghanistan trade

Joint efforts are urged to lift Pak-Afghanistan trade

Businessmen in Lahore have said that despite the historic socio-economic ties between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the volume of bilateral trade does not reflect its true potential, so concerted and concrete steps must be taken to increase trade.

While meeting the Afghan trade delegation, led by Afghanistan Chamber board member and Pakistan-Afghanistan Chamber Co-President Khan Jan Alokozai, at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry, LCCI President Kashif Anwar stressed that there must be good trade relations with neighboring countries.

He said the exchange of trade delegations between the two countries was important and understanding each other’s culture would increase trade.

He pointed out that the information technology sector in Pakistan is growing day by day.

Anwar said that trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan is $522 million with room for improvement. “If a banking channel is established, the volume of trade can increase many times over.” There is potential to increase trade relations in the fields of pharmaceuticals, carpets, rice, auto parts and others. The Ministry of Commerce has recently issued an order for a barter system, which will promote mutual trade.

Speaking at the event, head of the Afghan delegation Khan Jan Alokozai said they were ready to increase trade with Pakistan because “both countries need each other now more than ever”. He pointed out that 70% of trade between the two countries is done through Lahore, from where pharmaceutical products, rice, car parts and other goods are exported to Afghanistan.

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