Jerry Seinfeld bullied online for saying he misses ‘dominant masculinity’

Jerry Seinfeld bullied online for saying he misses ‘dominant masculinity’

Jerry Seinfeld expressed nostalgia for the “dominant” masculinity in society during a discussion about his new Netflix movie, “Unfrosted,” a comedy that revolves around the introduction of Pop-Tarts in the 1960s.

In his recent appearance on The Free Press’ “Honest” podcast, he discussed his desire to be a “real man” when he was growing up.

“And the other thing is, as a man – I’ve always wanted to be a real man. I’ve never been able to,” joked the 70-year-old, attributing his “childish pursuit” of comedy to him.

The “Seinfeld” actor explained that in his youth, he aspired to emulate figures such as former President John F. Kennedy, Muhammad Ali, Sean Connery, and Howard Cosell, who he saw as epitomizing pure masculinity.

“But I miss dominant masculinity,” he said, prompting nervous laughter from reporter Bari Weiss.

“Yeah, I get the toxic stuff,” she continued, “but, I like real men.”

Seinfeld also praised Hugh Grant, his co-star in the new film, as the epitome of a “real man.”

“That’s why I like Hugh Grant,” he explained. “Because he felt like one of the men I wanted. She knows how to dress, she knows how to talk, she’s charming, she has a story, she’s comfortable at a dinner party, she knows how to get a drink … I love that style movement.”

In addition to Grant, Seinfeld stars Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer, and Jim Gaffigan in the new Netflix movie, which aims to create a diversion from the exhausting political atmosphere.

Many fans have taken issue with that, mocking Seinfeld for being perceived as lacking in masculinity. One fan stated, “he’s never been a (real man)”, while another labeled his statement “toxic”, recalling his past relationship with “a 16-year-old girlfriend when he was in his 40s”.

Last month, the legendary comedian told Page Six that he wasn’t worried about potentially offending people with his occasional politically-themed jokes and comments.

“Political correctness is something that worries people who can’t think,” he told the outlet.

“The stupid mistake I see people sometimes make — offensive, unnecessary insensitivity — it’s like, you know, grab a piece of paper! Find out what’s going on and just navigate around it.”

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