Israeli military warns Gaza residents that the north is a “dangerous combat zone”

Israeli military warns Gaza residents that the north is a “dangerous combat zone”

Israel’s military has warned Gaza residents that the north of the strip is “a dangerous combat zone” through social media and airdropped leaflets.

The military’s Arabic spokesperson posted an “urgent” message on X directing Gazans “to stay in the humanitarian areas and shelters in the southern part of the Strip and avoid attempting to return to the north of the Strip” to “ensure your safety.”

The warning comes after thousands of Palestinians, including men, women, children and the elderly, came under Israeli fire on Sunday when they attempted to return to their homes in northern Gaza.

Videos began circulating online Sunday morning showing people heading to the north for the first time in such large numbers. Some people told CNN they heard the Israeli military was allowing women and children to move back up. Others said their relatives were allowed to cross over.

A young girl was shot in the head by Israeli soldiers, her mother said. She and her daughter had attempted to cross into the north with Sabreen’s husband, but the soldiers turned him back, leaving her and her four children to face the journey alone. She told CNN her daughter is still in intensive care.

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