Human rights groups have accused Israel of attacking known locations of aid workers

Human rights groups have accused Israel of attacking known locations of aid workers

Israeli forces have attacked known locations of aid workers in Gaza at least eight times since October 7 despite agencies providing their coordinates “to ensure their protection,” Human Rights Watch (HRW) said.

At least 15 people, including two children, were killed in the eight attacks, HRW said in a report on Tuesday. Israeli authorities did not issue an advance warning to any aid organizations before the attack, HRW claimed.

The attack in one of the reported attacks – on January 18 – was most likely carried out with US-made ammunition that included British-made components, the UK-based NGO Medical Aid for Palestine said, citing UN inspectors. The bomb was delivered by an F-16 aircraft.

Governments that continue to provide arms to the Israeli government risk engaging in war crimes,” added HRW.
The eight attacks “revealed fundamental weaknesses with the so-called deconfliction system, intended to protect aid workers,” according to the report.

Staff from 11 humanitarian organizations and UN agencies in Gaza told HRW that Israeli attacks on aid workers “forced them to take various measures,” including suspending or “severely limiting” operations, and reducing workers in the area. The UN has reported that 254 aid workers have been killed in Gaza since October.

“The Israeli authorities are deliberately blocking the delivery of water, food and fuel, deliberately blocking humanitarian aid, apparently destroying agricultural areas, and depriving the civilian population of objects that are essential to their survival.”
CNN has asked the Israel Defense Forces to respond to the HRW report.

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