Green investment a priority: Aurangzeb

Green investment a priority: Aurangzeb

Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue, Senator Muhammad Aurangzeb, emphasized Pakistan’s commitment to tackling climate change and promoting green investment opportunities during his keynote address at the UK-Pakistan Green Investment Forum, organized by the British High Commission in Pakistan on Friday, according to a press release issued by Ministry of Finance.

Despite its minimal contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions, Pakistan faces disproportionate vulnerability to the adverse effects of climate change, as highlighted by a recent World Bank study that estimated a potential annual GDP loss of up to 1% due to climate-related risks, said financial. Minister.

Aurangzeb stressed the importance of bridging the significant funding gap in adaptation, resilience and mitigation projects, given the impact of changing weather patterns on agricultural yields and threats such as floods, storms and heat waves. He expressed gratitude to the British High Commission for hosting the forum and acknowledged the need for a better portfolio of green investment projects. He emphasized Pakistan’s reliance on the private sector for support in increasing investor confidence in bankable green opportunities.

The finance minister outlined plans to use innovative financing instruments, including issuing domestic green Sukuk bonds by December 2024 to finance sustainable development projects.

He also gave an overview of significant improvements in various macroeconomic indicators over the past 10 months, including inflation, GDP growth in the agricultural sector, increase in forex reserves, among others.

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