Grace Beverley broke advertising rules with a tweet post

Grace Beverley broke advertising rules with a tweet post

Influencer Grace Beverley broke advertising rules with six posts promoting her fashion brand, Tala, the verdict said.
The 27-year-old shared two scrolls and four Tiktoks in October which the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has told him to remove.
Grace shared a video of her promoting a coat from Tala and the company thought her followers would recognize her connection to the active brand.
But the ASA disagreed and found they breached the rule that advertisements must be clearly identifiable.
The watchdog said it had received more than 50 complaints about posts not clearly labeled as advertisements.
Grace, from London, created Tala in 2019. The brand says she is “synonymous” with the business and her followers will know that.
He said his relationship with Tala was also explained in his Tiktok and Instagram bios, and pointed out a reference in the video to coats made in factories “We literally had to beg at the door to get in”.
The roll was posted alongside Tala’s Instagram account while Tiktoks were shared on a playlist Grace has labeled “aggressive marketing”.
Tala makes the case that all these factors combined will make it clear to the user that the post is for marketing purposes.
However, the ASA said social media users who don’t follow Grace and see her videos may not be aware of her connection to the brand.
It said users had to click through to his profile to see references to Tala and this “doesn’t have enough exposure for individual ads”.
And while Grace hinted at her relationship with the fashion retailer in the video, the ASA noted “the ad is several minutes long and the reference is made part way through”.
“So consumers are required to engage with the ad before they hear it,” he said.
Asa tells Grace and Tala that the ads can no longer appear in their current form.
It also said all future ads must be “clearly identified” by using hashtags such as #ad.
Grace has a million followers on Instagram and more than 150k on Tiktok. In 2020, he was added to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, which recognizes rising talent in business.
He told BBC Newsbeat: “I respect the work of the ASA and acknowledge their recent decision regarding my social media posts discussing Tala, a business I witnessed.
“I want to continue to encourage conversation, clarity and transparency about how business owners across industries can naturally talk about their own work online, in a way that clearly distinguishes it from sponsored content.”
The Londoner isn’t the first influencer to fall foul of the ASA’s rules around social media advertising.
Former Love Islander Molly-Mae Haage has been axed by regulators three times for failing to explain when she was promoting a product.
Tiktoker Danielle Walsh also had a video of herself drinking four VK cocktails in under 90 seconds banned after the ASA said she failed to explain that she had been given free drinks.
Tala told Newsbeat it supported Grace’s comments and that the company “always strives to follow ASA guidance and we will continue to do so in the future”.

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