Experts suggest Pak-China agricultural council

Experts suggest Pak-China agricultural council

Experts in the policy dialogue have demanded that a Pakistan-China agricultural development council, led by the private sector of both countries, should be established with a focus on technology transfer and capacity building of Pakistani farmers in modern technologies under the China-Pakistan Economy. Corridor (CPEC).

The policy dialogue was organized by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) on the topic “Greening CPEC: Sustainable Agriculture in Pakistan and Learning from China” on Friday.

Former CPEC project director and former Chief Executive Officer of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Investment Board Dr Hassan Daud Butt said the future of agricultural production and food security depends on technological progress, good policies and leadership.

However, it is important to establish a council for agricultural development, led by the private sector and while establishing relations with the Chinese counterpart, which will help to achieve the target quickly.

He emphasized that China has made great progress in agriculture through consistent policies, leadership and technology-based interventions.

Butt pointed out that China’s progress in the agricultural sector is unique because less public capital and more private investment is used for its development.

‚ÄúPakistan needs to learn from the Chinese about planning for short, medium and long-term goals with a top-down approach and policy consistency. Moreover, leadership in the public and private sectors needs to be strengthened through joint cooperation,” he said.

Although the SDPI study is based on sustainable agricultural development through lessons learned from China, he urged the authors of the report to add livestock as a component to further broaden the scope with insights into marketing aspects as well. Fellow Researcher Misbah Khan highlighted the findings of the report entitled “Scoping Study on Agriculture Development in Pakistan”.

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