Elon Musk upsets the Tesla Chargers team after winning the major car manufacturer

Elon Musk upsets the Tesla Chargers team after winning the major car manufacturer

Tesla has decimated its charger team in a new round of layoffs, despite recently winning over major automakers like Ford and General Motors and making its connector the de facto standard in North America.

Tesla’s Supercharger network has long been seen as one of its biggest competitive advantages. It’s widely available, has significantly better uptime than other charging networks, and the connector technology — known as the North American Charging Standard, or NACS — is now adopted by every major automaker with a presence in North America.

CEO Elon Musk announced the new layoffs in an overnight email to executives, first reported by The Information, in which he said he wanted leaders to be “really hard-nosed on headcount and cost reductions,” as he directed them to to cut more employees who “don’t clearly pass excellent, necessary and reliable tests” or resign. EV charger senior director Rebecca Tinucci and new vehicle chief Daniel Ho are out, according to The Information.

TechCrunch confirmed with sources that the entire global charging organization has been let go. The move was unexpected and “obviously surprised everyone,” a source at the major automaker told TechCrunch.

Will Jameson, one of the Chargers team leaders who released the cuts, said in a post on Musk X’s social media platform that he “has let our entire Chargers people go.”

“What this means for the charging network, NACS, and all the exciting work we’re doing across the industry, I don’t know yet. What a wild ride,” he wrote.

The cuts were so complete that Musk even suggested in an email that the company would slow expansion of its Supercharger network, writing that Tesla “will continue to build some new Supercharger locations, where critical, and complete those under construction.”

Musk also disbanded Tesla’s public policy team, according to reports. Rohan Patel, the team’s former VP, left the company two weeks ago around the same time the layoffs were announced. Patel called it the “best policy/bizdev team in the business” at the time in a message to TechCrunch. “I know I’m very biased, but honestly the people on my team are incredible,” he wrote.

Tesla’s policy team was largely responsible for the company winning about 13% of the funding available from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, and until recently was pursuing another federal grant of nearly $100 million to finance the construction of a charging corridor for the company still in development. electric big rig.

The cuts come just two weeks after Musk announced Tesla was laying off more than 10% of its workforce as part of a company-wide restructuring in service “looking at the wall for autonomy. The company is coming off a brutal first quarter in which profits fell 55% on EV sales At the same time, the company’s board is trying to reinstate Musk’s $56 billion pay package that was rejected by a judge, and the CEO has publicly threatened to develop AI technology at his startup xAI unless he is given more control over Tesla.

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