Dutch singer Joost Klein was disqualified from the Eurovision Song Contest

Dutch singer Joost Klein was disqualified from the Eurovision Song Contest

Dutch artist Joost Klein has been kicked out of the Eurovision Song Contest following an incident backstage.

The entertainer was sent home after a female member of the production crew made threatening allegations to the Swedish police.

Contest organizers stated that it was “not appropriate for him to continue the contest” during the legal process.

Dutch broadcaster Avrtotros criticized Klein’s exclusion as “disproportionate” and expressed surprise at the decision, promising to address it later.

Klein, a top contender in this year’s competition with his song “Europapa,” dedicated the pro-European techno song to his late father, who died of cancer when he was 12 years old.

At the age of 26, she has vowed to fulfill her father’s dream of performing at Eurovision.

Reports of his disqualification emerged during Friday’s preliminary dress rehearsal for the televised grand final at Malm√∂ Arena.

Klein’s stage setup was being arranged when the production manager ordered his removal.

After that, his performance was skipped without explanation, and the Israeli contestant, Eden Golan, replaced him in the running order.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which is responsible for organizing the event, later issued a statement confirming they were “investigating an incident involving a Dutch artist” following the reports.

The EBU has stated that this Saturday’s grand final will go ahead with 25 acts instead of the intended 26.

Dutch viewers can still vote, and the Dutch jury’s decision from Friday’s rehearsal remains valid.

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