Coachella 2024: Sabrina Carpenter Screams at Boyfriend Barry Keoghan in “Nonsense”

Coachella 2024: Sabrina Carpenter Screams at Boyfriend Barry Keoghan in “Nonsense”

Sabrina Carpenter has headlined for her Coachella performance. A much-anticipated part of the pop sensation’s show was her makeover for her fan-favorite song “Nonsense.”

Hitting the Coachella stage for the second time this year, Sabrina delivers a special outro to the song that includes a shout-out to the music festival, her boyfriend Barry Keoghan, and her hit movie, “Saltburn.”

“Man, her knees are so weak, she had to spread my knees,” Carpenter teases to the tune of “Nonsense,” shortly before enthralling the Indio, California crowd with this line: “She drank my bath water like red wine.”

“Coachella, see you here when I headline,” he finished the outro with a big smile and a wave.

The bath water and red wine lyrics refer to the movie “Saltuburn,” which features a scene where Barry’s character Oliver drinks Felix’s bath water, played by Jacob Elordi.

The film also includes a famous scene where the characters are drinking red wine.

Outros Other Memories:

In the Philippines, Sabrina Carpenter shouts the capital, singing:

“He used to be a motel, I used to be a villa. He says I taste better than vanilla. What’s your favorite city? Mine’s Manila.”

In Germany, the “Espresso” singer practiced her German and gave a shout-out to the city of Cologne:

“Below the waist, that’s the pleasure zone. Baby hit me if you wanna come bone. Ich Liebe Euch you know I love you Cologne.”

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