Christina Applegate opens up about her struggle with anorexia

Christina Applegate opens up about her struggle with anorexia

Christina Applegate has shared her experience fighting an eating disorder while she was on the show ‘Married with Children’.

“I just cut myself off from food for years and years,” Applegate said on a recent episode of MeSsy, her podcast with Jamie-Lynn Sigler. “It’s f—–g torture.”

The actress mentioned that she had never talked about her eating disorder publicly and revealed that her difficulties with food and body image began in childhood, recalling a neighbor boy who called her fat.

At the age of 15, when she was just starting 10 years of ‘Married With Children’, she remembers her mother signing her up for Weight Watchers.

“He was always competitive,” recalls Applegate, now 52.

“If I got down to 110 [pounds], he’d be like… ‘How did you do it?’ And the reason, I have an eating disorder, I will eat five almonds in one day of the year.”

Playing Kelly Bundy in ‘Married with Children’, Applegate often wore short skirts and revealing tops. “I wanted my bones to stick out, so I didn’t eat,” recalls Applegate, who said she was struggling with anorexia during that period.

Her condition worried the show’s cast and crew: “It really scared everyone on set because they were like, ‘Christina never eats.’ They talked to me about it.”

Later, she explained, she was so small that her size 0 clothes had to be altered to fit her.

Applegate, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2021, revealed that it was only in her 30s that she finally felt free from the grip of her eating disorder.

However, she explained that after experiencing side effects from MS and her medication, which led to a 45-pound weight gain, “the demons in my head would come back strong and it scared me,” she said. “I need to be aware of that so I don’t start falling into the bad habit of self-harming.”

The “demons” haunted her when she stepped onto the Emmy stage in January, she recalled.

After receiving a standing ovation, Applegate jokingly addressed the audience about her appearance, saying, “Body not by Ozempic.”

During the podcast, she explained that her sarcasm was a defense mechanism. “I made jokes at the Emmys because…it was like I could see what they were thinking… and I was so insulted. The devil said this. to me.”

Applegate, who remembers having liposuction on her legs at about 26, said she wants to make sure her daughter, Sadie, gets a different message when she grows up.

“I don’t want my daughter to see me not eating,” she explained. “I’ve been clear about… trying not to put myself down… I have severe self-esteem issues and have had all my life. I don’t want that for my child.”

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