Brian Cox revealed the role of The Replacements gave him something invaluable

Brian Cox revealed the role of The Replacements gave him something invaluable

Veteran actor Brian Cox, who played the great Logan Roy in the series Succession, has shared the bittersweet impact his role has had on his life.


Despite winning numerous awards, including a Golden Globe for his portrayal of family patriarch Roy, the 77-year-old admitted to BBC Scotland News that the show’s success has come at a cost.


“One thing I’ve lost is anonymity, which I appreciate,” he said. “It’s a double-edged sword… everyone knows who I am now.”


While appreciative of the recognition the show brought, Cox lamented the loss of the obscurity he once enjoyed, saying, “People will say you…? I love the fact people don’t know what to say because I’ve done it. So many variations. But now Logan Roy is like that, as far as the general public is concerned.”


Despite this, she still loves her time on Succession and her castmates. “It was a great time, one of the best jobs ever, mainly because of the ensemble,” he said.


“We’re close as a family and it’s one of the happiest jobs ever.”


He praised Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin, and other cast members, noting how they recently flew to London to watch him on stage in Long Day’s Journey Into Night.


Cox also saw Snook perform in a production of The Picture of Dorian Gray in London.


His Bafta TV Award nomination was a surprise. “I thought that was gone and I had moved on. But Logan keeps coming back whether I like it or not,” Cox said, adding that winning an award is nice but “it’s not about that; it’s about doing the job.”

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