Bella Hadid is content with life while taking a break from modeling

Bella Hadid is content with life while taking a break from modeling

Supermodel Bella Hadid reveals she has found a new sense of contentment since moving to Texas with her partner Adan Banuelos.

In a recent interview with Allure, Hadid talked about stepping back from modeling and focusing on her happiness.

“After 10 years of modeling, I realized that I had poured so much into something that didn’t necessarily return,” she explained.

Hadid found her life in Texas refreshingly different, enjoying simple nights out with close friends and no longer feeling pressured to perform.

“I don’t put on fake faces anymore,” he said. “This is the first time I can really put myself and my well-being first.”

Hadid’s new focus comes after years of personal struggles with health challenges.

In 2022, the model walked the Coperni runway in a viral spray-painted dress, but behind the scenes, she openly discussed her struggle with Lyme disease.

Now, Hadid is celebrating feeling “finally healthy” and channeling her creative energy into new ventures like Orebella, her debut fragrance collection.

Inspired by her love of blending essential oils, Orebella’s unique scents are designed to be applied directly to the skin, offering a personal touch.

“I wanted to create something that felt unique and true to me,” Hadid told Allure. “It’s not just about launching another product; it’s sharing something I’m really passionate about.”

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