Anya Taylor-Joy says she and Charlize Theron ‘due a very long dinner’ to swap ‘Furiosa’ ‘war story’

Anya Taylor-Joy says she and Charlize Theron ‘due a very long dinner’ to swap ‘Furiosa’ ‘war story’

Nearly a decade after Charlize Theron starred in “Mad Max: Fury Road,” the franchise continues with the latest installment from director George Miller, “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.”

The new film, which opens in theaters Friday, is a prequel to 2015’s “Fury Road” and centers on the character of Furiosa, first played by Theron. Now, Anya Taylor-Joy steps into the role to portray the main heroine in an origin story set in Furiosa’s childhood and adolescence.

Taylor-Joy gushed about Theron in a recent interview with CNN, and said she’s been in touch with the Oscar-winning actress now that they’re both sharing a role in the Miller franchise.

“We sent out a bunch of emails. We met at the Oscars, and she’s just as beautiful, friendly and cool as you’d imagine,” Taylor-Joy said of Theron. “We’d have a really long dinner, just to swap war stories. But I feel so lucky to share character with him. He’s one of my favorite actors and I think he’s great.”

Taylor-Joy said that before she read the script for “Furiosa,” she felt connected to the character because she had watched Theron in the 2015 film.

“I was lucky enough to fall in love with Furiosa through Charlize’s interpretation in ‘Fury Road.’ I think that character is just someone that really sticks with me,” Taylor-Joy said.

Miller – the mastermind director who created the “Mad Max” action franchise in 1979 when Mel Gibson debuted as the title character – said he considered having the “magnificent” Theron in the new film, but ultimately decided to look for a new star to more accurately portray timeline of Furiosa’s story arc. (In the new film, Furiosa is seen from ages 10 to 26.)

Miller had initially considered using de-aging technology to bring Theron back to play Furiosa, but ultimately decided against it because he believed the technology could interfere with the artist’s performance.

The director said that even in the hands of some of the best filmmakers – such as Martin Scorsese and Ang Lee – he doesn’t believe the de-aging technology is as effective as the original show.

“On the contrary, my intention, if we make another film, is to do it with Charlize. But almost 10 years went by and then I thought, ‘Oh, we’re going to try de-aging,'” Miller told CNN. “And then I saw de-aging in the hands of really great filmmakers like Martin Scorsese in ‘The Irishman ‘ and Ang Lee in ‘Gemini Man.’ And what you tend to do is just look at the technology – you don’t really watch the performance. So there’s a risk of distraction.”

Miller continued, “We watch on the big screen, especially human faces and we read all the micro things almost subliminally, all the micro movements and gestures and we feel the truth in a way that we cannot analyze – and even at this point, not even computers can can do it. So we quickly, I avoided that.”

That’s how Miller found Anya Taylor-Joy, best known for her award-winning performance in “The Queen’s Gambit.”

“I don’t know who could play her,” Miller said, noting “big shoes to fill,” taking on the role Theron played.

He said after watching another Taylor-Joy film, he thought, “Holy cow — there’s somebody who could take this. He added, “She has such a mystique — a timeless quality, a great intensity, almost regal.”

Starring opposite Taylor-Joy is Chris Hemsworth. The Marvel star, best known for his role as Thor, takes on the villainous role.

“This is a huge departure from anything I’ve done before,” Hemsworth told CNN.

In the film, Hemsworth is almost unrecognizable, wearing a fake nose, false teeth and long hair.

Miller said that he had the character years ago — actually before 2015’s “Fury Road.” He said he created Furiosa’s entire origin story before the 2015 film, even though the prequel wouldn’t come out until years later.

“We had some concept art and I wanted him to have this Roman emperor nose,” Miller said of the evil character, Dementus, played by Hemsworth. “That was in early concept art [and] didn’t look like Chris, at the time.”

Hemsworth says his transformation helped him embrace the character.

“Prosthetics, hair, makeup provide so much, so do the sets and everything involved. It’s a much more immersive experience as an actor,” Hemsworth said.

“It’s easier to lose yourself in the moment and in the headspace of the individual you’re playing with.”

“Furiosa” is the fifth film in Miller’s “Mad Max” franchise. The director said he had created another story centered on another character – although he wouldn’t reveal the exact plans for any future films.

“Just like we wrote the story for Furiosa, we wrote the story for Max the year before we met him in ‘Fury Road,'” Miller teased. “So, I know what happened to him, and I’m definitely speculating about what happened after this after ‘Fury Road.'”

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