Alan Walker shouts Yeosang Ateez on Tiktok

Alan Walker shouts Yeosang Ateez on Tiktok

In a recent Tiktok video by Internet personality Shan Rizwan, he asked the members of the K-pop group Ateez about their favorite songs. Each member had a different answer, but it was Yeosang’s response that gained significant attention online.

“What’s your favorite song?” Rizwan asked the group.

The members’ answers varied, from Sabrina Carpenter’s “Espresso” to George Benson’s “Won’t Change.”

Notably, Yeosang replied, “My favorite song is Alan Walker’s ‘Fade’.”

In the comments, Norwegian DJ and music producer Alan Walker expressed his appreciation, writing, “Thank you Yeosang for the love and support. Enjoy
Fans have been excited by the interaction, with one fan on X (formerly Twitter) writing, “Even though many Atinys make fun of Yeosang for still liking Alan Walker, Yeosang wins by getting attention from him.” Another fan wrote, “OMG I really hope Yeosang sees it.”

Ateez has been promoting their upcoming album “Golden Hour: Part 1,” which will be released on May 31.

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