‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ traces the history of Russia from the prison of a luxury hotel

‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ traces the history of Russia from the prison of a luxury hotel

Spanning decades of Russian history from the grounds of a luxury hotel, “A Gentleman in Moscow” provides another solid TV showcase for Ewan McGregor, this time playing opposite his wife, Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The result is a sweetly poignant adaptation of the bestselling book that explores the search for humanity and connection even in the strangest circumstances of an authoritarian regime.

After “Obi-Wan Kenobi” and “Halston,” McGregor found another very different kind of hero in Count Alexander Rostov, who, after the Russian Revolution, was sentenced to remain forever in the Hotel Metropol, facing death if he dared. venture outside, the proverbial prisoner in a golden cage.

Yet Alexander finds a friendly support system in the hotel, not only among the staff – who treat him like a celebrity – but guests like the young girls he accompanies, as well as a glamorous actress (Winstead) who immediately catches his eye.

Alexander also becomes an unlikely source for a secret police officer (Johnny Harris) who wants to better understand the bourgeoisie he represents, a relationship that develops over the next decade, leading through World War II – often jumping years in the process – and through the death of the leader. Joseph Stalin’s Soviet in the 1950s.

Even with the relatively long passage of time (something rarely reflected by the makeup, but that’s okay), parts of the eight-episode run feel too casual in their character-driven fun. The overall effect of this fictional story set in history is, however, quite effective, as the decadent aristocrat learns to care deeply for people other than himself, illustrating that family can be created and not just inherited.

Despite Alexander’s confined world, “A Gentleman in Moscow” avoids any sense of claustrophobia while painting a sad portrait of 20th-century Russia that, given recent events, feels relevant to understanding the nation’s collective psyche. At the same time, the show manages to be quite funny as well as romantic, nicely developing the other lives that Alexander touched. Plus, there’s an added chance to see McGregor and Winstead (who met filming the third season of FX’s “Fargo”) sink their teeth into juicy, flamboyant roles.

Although this is another limited series that could have been more tightly condensed to six episodes instead of eight (not the first), the rewards of “A Gentleman in Moscow” more than justify the commitment. While Alexander may not be able to get out, viewers who voluntarily check into Hotel Metropol will have plenty of reasons to enjoy their stay.

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